Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hand selected riffs - KELP FOREST

Lumbering, thunderous drums with low low heavy riffs.... Kelp Forest are somewhat of a mystery - no website, facebook and very little info about the band on their Bandcamp page. A two piece outfit based at San Diego California's Naval Undersea Warfare Center (!) that has unleashed four crushing tracks, as at the time of this review they have only been together as a band for two weeks...unbelievable!

Every one of these four tracks deserves your undivided attention, especially the track 'Walter Heinrich Munk' which destroys on every level.

"...low-frequency continuum..."
"...favorable signal-to-noise ratio..."
"..experimenting in psycho acoustics..."
"...The mathematics of sound.."
"...propulsion and electricity"
Send these guys an email and they may just put together a cassette to send your way..

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