Saturday, 30 November 2013

28 Nov Live Show Playlist: Crypt Lurker, Sun of Man, Coffins, Bloodmoon, Rites, Opium Lord, Second Grave, Kadavar, Blues Pills and more

✟Hand of Doom Radio Live Show ✟ 8:30pm Australian EST Thursday nights.
The Thursday 28 November show featured the killer 'Ganymede' EP from The High Drifters in its entirety, along with ChronoBot, Albino Python, Tombstones, Slug Salt Lava, Sun of Man, Blues Pills, KADAVAR, Opium Lord, Lothorian, Doctor Smoke, Coffins, Borracho, Arctic Dune, Atomic Vulture, Crypt Lurker, Jakob, Rites, Bloodmoon, Lumbar, Elder, Rise of Avernus, Second Grave, and possibly some Yob. No, definitely some Yob. \m/

Purchase the stunning Yob album "Atma" direct from Profound Lore Records

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Wicked City, the 3 piece precision riff machine from Melbourne Australia launch their new album "Worsted Yarn" - awesome vinyl limited to 300 copies

WICKED CITY (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA) launched their killer new album "WORSTED YARN" on 180g vinyl on 22 Nov with a blistering live show at The Tote, along with support from Legends of Motorsport, DEAD, and Athol.

This is Wicked City's 3rd full length album. Also available on 12" gatefold vinyl with free high-quality MP3 download - limited to 300 copies on 180g vinyl.The vinyl and digital download are available for purchase via the bands Bandcamp page - hardened riffage with an exotic feel, frantic drums, this band is a 3 piece precision machine, drilling the stoner vein in a sense but not with that 'riff by numbers' trap that so many bands fall into. Highly recommended riffs from the land down under! 

21 Nov Live Show Playlist - The High Drifters, Whitehorse, Mothertrucker, Universe 217, Astray, Barbarian Fist, Pilgrim, Elder, Farflung, Lizzard Wizzard, Ataraxie and more

Ataraxie - Anhedonie album

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Elder: Live at Roadburn 2013 now available on Burning World Records - vinyl available for pre-order.

Elder are an amazingly talented band, both their self titled debut album and their 2011 followup 'Dead Roots Stirring' are superb and show a band rapidly progressing and exploring the realms of heaviness with a major emphasis on melody. Simply put, this band truly strive to put out great music. Back in May the band posted up news that they are slowly but surely working toward delivering their next album.

Elder played the 2013 Roadburn Festival, with many great reviews of their electrifying live performance. Burning World Records in conjunction with the Roadburn Festival have now released Elders set from Roadburn in digital format on Bandcamp, as well as pre-orders for black/white/gold vinyl over at the Burning World Records site.  

Here is the tracklist:



Below is an excellent HD quality live clip shot of the track 'Dead Roots Stirring' by Jorg Steinhauer from a show in Dresden Germany on 17 April 2013, just 3 days before Elder took Roadburn by storm.

Check out the footage of Elder performing live over at the Roadburn site too, where they were named as one of the unexpected surprises of the Festival.

Keep up to date with all things Elder over their Facebook page.

Matt, the drummer from Elder, is also playing in a band called Keefshovel. They have released a demo which is available over on their Bandcamp.