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Interview with Judd Madden - New album "Everything In Waves" out on June 6!

I had the pleasure of meeting Judd Madden in late December 2013 at "Riffmas", an annual event hosted by Melbourne band Riff Fist. He's a humble bloke who is clearly passionate about his music. Just about to launch  his 7th album in just 5 years, Judd has kindly put some time aside for an interview. Read on and find out more about Melbourne Australia's prolific one man doom machine...

Judd - Thankyou for your time mate. First things first, let's start with your impending album "Everything in Waves". What can fans of your music expect to hear on this?

No worries man, my pleasure. Everything In Waves is a mixed beast; crushing doom, patient post-metal and some quieter acoustic sections. I feel that it's my best music so far, drawing different musical themes together as a cohesive whole. It's similar to Artesian in scope but more varied, like Drown and Float together. This is the big one.

The video clip for 'Mountain Slayer' was a perfect compliment to the sonic scapes of your most recent album 'Glacial'. In addition the artwork on all your albums has been exceptional, a perfect fit to the sounds within. What have you got  planned on the visual front for 'Everything in Waves'?

Yeah the response to the video was great! For this album, I'm working with an amazing artist who's doing a series of paintings - one per track. That's 10 paintings, specifically for this album... and they are fucking awesome! They're very different to anything that I would ever come up with by myself. We can embed the art into the audio files so the two will be tied wherever they travel. It's exciting.

You seem to be a jack of all trades when it comes to the wide array of instruments you can play. Apart from drums, bass & guitar I hear the cello (or violin?) on "Artesian"... Can you tell us a bit about your musical background - are you self taught on all these varied instruments? Also, what other bands have you played in prior to commencing your solo project?

Yes, that's a cello I manage to scape my way through a few takes with... it makes a reappearance on this album. I also mix in piano and organ quite a bit (I have a 1970 Electone 'Grandma' Organ). I'll try anything, there's a trumpet and a clarinet sitting here too, but (sadly?) they don't make the cut very often. Drums, piano and didgeridoo I learnt as a kid, then picked up bass and guitar in high-school.

I've been in a few bands, jazz and classical in school, a punk band called Anomity (drums) and a rock/metal band called Fighting Locusts (bass). These days I more enjoy jamming with friends, swapping around instruments... just making up shit and having fun with music. Anson from Sun Shepherd / Thermal Mass used to try and get me out, but fuck... I'm a doom hermit and I like it that way.

I read on an interview you did with the Sludgelord a while back and heard from the interview on the 'Rage & Frustration' podcast that you were considering playing live at some point - have these plans progressed any? It would be absolutely amazing to hear these 'doomscapes' live, and I'd very much think here in Melbourne I would not be alone in being keen to hear, and feel, the Judd Madden riffs live.

It's definitely something I'm interested in doing, probably just as a once off. I have a few mates that could help out, my drummer moved overseas though, so it's all on hold for the moment. One day, one day.

Is there a possibility of a physical release of your albums at any point? Have you ever approached or been approached by any labels? A vinyl box set of all seven Judd Madden albums would be epic :)

People ask this all the time! A vinyl of any album would be sick, a box set would be ridiculous haha... Maybe I'll do a small run of the most sought after album, and see how it goes.

I haven't approached any labels - this was always a DIY project, and I don't mind staying that way. When you don't play live, and you can self-release via Bandcamp or whatever, why do you even need a label, really? Simplicity is good. But hey, if Neurot or Hydra Head get in touch, I'm all ears.

To wrap up, is there a particular storyline or theme to the new album? Looking at the track listing things seem to have taken a bit of a scientific feel here...

Reality, energy, perception, matter, cosmos. Everything is fucking amazing and we're here to experience it.

Thanks again Judd for your time, and for creating some exceptional heavy music to zone out to.

Cheers! Thanks for your support.

"Radio & Tone", the first track from "Everything in Waves",  will be streaming on from June 1 - Airing times will be announced on the Hand of Doom Radio Facebook page throughout the leadup to the release of the album. 

"Everything in Waves" track listing:
Radio & Tone
Redshift & Knowing
Vectors & Mach
Colour & Theory
Air (I Am Sitting In A Room)
Emission Lines
Memory Only Atoms
Alpha Crucis A
Alpha Crucis B
528Hz (DNA Repair)

Tune in for a taste of the doom Judd has been cooking!

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