Saturday, 5 October 2013

EYEHATEGOD Australian tour announcement from HEATHEN SKULLS!

Very recent announcement from HEATHEN SKULLS TOURING, the mighty EYEHATEGOD are set to tour Australia, celebrating 25 awesome years. 
More details to be announced soon.
Great news indeed. EHG were amazing live in their last Melbourne shows.
 Fingers crossed for a Crowbar tour down under in 2014 in their 25th year also...(just my 2 bobs worth there!)
More details (dates, venues etc) are set to be announced soon.
Check out HEATHEN SKULLS on their official website:
A reliable promoter with a long history of touring amazing bands throughout Australia, along with what would likely be the most impressive backline hire in country, with some very unique and highly sought after vintage gear.

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