Saturday, 5 October 2013

Live show playlist 3 October: Grime, Milkmaids, Universe 217, Void Droid, Sumeru, Church of Misery

The Australian riff contingent on this show: Clagg, Summonus, Shellfin, The Ruiner, Hydromedusa, Sumeru, Yanomamo, Milkmaids.

Thy Kingdom Scum

 GRIME bring a new level of filthy crusty doom sludge sickness with their 'Deteriorate'. Impressive from start to finish, riff after crushing riff.Ridiculously good and heavy album.

 From Greece, we have stoner riffs from VOID DROID and epic doom riffs with powerful vocals from UNIVERSE 217:

And new to Hand of Doom Radio, stoner rock excellence from Canadian riffsters 
One Million From The Top
 Check out their website and pick up a copy of their album over at CD Baby

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