Monday, 11 November 2013

7 November Live show playlist - Lumbar, Loss, Yob, Valfader, Sea Bastard, In the Company of Serpents, Doctor Smoke, Hollow Leg and more

The show from Thursday 7 Nov featured an onslaught from Yob, KYLESA, Loss, Lumbar, Pallbearer, Windhand, VALFADER, Sea Bastard, Place of Skulls, Weedeater, Pelican, Bizarre Lizard, Doctor Smoke, I Exist, Hollow Leg, In the Company of Serpents, Iron Man, Beast in the Field, Earth Witch, Snail  Beelzefuzz, Dead Meadow (Official), DRAWERS, Earthrise, EGGNOGG, Kalmen, Kayros Rock, La Chinga, Moonbow, and the mighty Trouble.

Thanks to everybody who tuned in and took part. \m/

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