Saturday, 23 November 2013

Wicked City, the 3 piece precision riff machine from Melbourne Australia launch their new album "Worsted Yarn" - awesome vinyl limited to 300 copies

WICKED CITY (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA) launched their killer new album "WORSTED YARN" on 180g vinyl on 22 Nov with a blistering live show at The Tote, along with support from Legends of Motorsport, DEAD, and Athol.

This is Wicked City's 3rd full length album. Also available on 12" gatefold vinyl with free high-quality MP3 download - limited to 300 copies on 180g vinyl.The vinyl and digital download are available for purchase via the bands Bandcamp page - hardened riffage with an exotic feel, frantic drums, this band is a 3 piece precision machine, drilling the stoner vein in a sense but not with that 'riff by numbers' trap that so many bands fall into. Highly recommended riffs from the land down under! 

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