Sunday, 9 February 2014

Aleph Null - cover art and track listing of their debut album 'Nocturnal' revealed!

So there it is right above, the cover art for the debut full length album "Nocturnal" from the mighty Aleph Null. The band have relentlessly set extremely high standards across the board from the outset with the Dale EP and onward - intricate layered songwriting, spellbinding lyrics, high quality recordings, and in the visual arena with their official video clips. 

This album sees Aleph Null raising the bar yet again, breaking new ground for them in terms of light/dark contrast in the music and stepping into some slightly faster paced passages on a few occasions with riffage reminiscent of St Vitus / Spirit Caravan. Overall, Aleph Null are a band that undoubtedly have that same work ethic, talent and integrity that are at the core of Yob and Elder - pushing themselves to excel in their craft, not content to rest on the one tried and tested formula, and delivering on their potential time and time again. 

All of this adds up to that whatever this band releases, you know before you hear it that it will never disappoint - for me Aleph Null have become one of those 'I'll buy it' bands where you've already committed the $ before the album has been released,  all the more impressive in that they have released their two previous EP's for free download on Bandcamp. I've heard so many times from people that they would gladly have paid time and time again for both those EP's, and I concur. I'm fairly certain this album will see a physical release, well it deserves one for certain, and I wish the band all the good fortune possible with it in receiving the attention and respect they more than deserve. 

Aleph Null for Desertfest Berlin & London, Doomed Gatherings and/or Heavy Days in Doomtown?
I vote yes! Heck, a late addition to the Roadburn Afterburner even?........... Cmonnnn!

Here is the track listing for 'Nocturnal'. Brace yourselves, it's release is imminent! Keep your eyes out on the bands Facebook  and Bandcamp pages for  further updates:
  1. Roman Nails
  2. Muzzle of a Sleeping God
  3. Black Winged Cherub
  4. Stronghold
  5. Backwards Spoken Rhymes
  6. Nocturnal Part I
  7. Nocturnal Part II
 A0 is:
Stoner Sludge from Düsseldorf, Germany

Here's the killer Aleph Null video for 'Dale' from the bands first EP "Dale"

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