Saturday, 24 May 2014

Garganjua - Debut EP "Trip Wizard" out now - Heavy sludge doom from Leicester, UK.

This is 20 minutes of awesome you should crank ASAP, rock solid production throughout. It's very clear from the outset that a strong effort has been made not only with the songs but getting a great sound in the studio. Exceptional debut from these guys, a band to keep an eye on, highly recommended listening.I can hear the same promise I heard in the debut offerings from Bong Breaker and Aleph Null a few years back. 

From the opening mile thick riffs of 'Huntress' you know Garganjua subscribes to the 'tune low, play slow' mantra and that is always a formula for seriously good listening. Vocals reminiscent of Six Feet Under throughout this track, great stuff indeed. With "Lazy Green" the band shows another side to the vocals, switching it up to a laid back clean style and back to the evil in the chorus. You can imagine the heads banging and the beer flying during this track at one of their gigs. They invoke shades of the mighty St Vitus in the slick opening riff to the EP title track "Trip Wizard". Sledgehammer low ominous riffing ensues
Hoping the fellas bring on a full length album soon, as this EP should be generating some great momentum . It's definitely left me wanting more..... The UK sure is churning out some bloody great bands these days!

Scott- Guitars/Vocals
Gaz - Bass/Vocals
Neb - Drums

Get it here >>

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