Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bandcamp Riffage: Halo of Snakes, Witch Fight, Arrowhead, Trippy Wicked, Blood Red Water

Here's a wrap up of the most recent HoD Radio finds on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure....Keep an eye on the Hand of Doom Bandcamp collection page also.

HALO OF SNAKES (Philadelphia, USA) bring us some hyped up stoner/punk riffs that seem to be specifically constructed to make your car exceed speed limits... This rips from start to finish - good time riffs.

WITCH FIGHT (Sydney, Australia) are a two piece feed of stoner sludge destruction, with a dash of hectic punk (moreso in the vocal dept) for good measure. They released their 'Big Wheel Demos' in June 2012, and are currently getting material together for a followup release. The video below was filmed at a recent gig at the Annandale Hotel, and the track "Gas House Gorilla" is one of the tunes that will be on the upcoming album. 

ARROWHEAD (Sydney, Australia) are pure stoner rock, driven by equal elements of Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Brant Bjork & The Bros, and all done with their own spin. Great riffs, driving rhythms, that fluid Scott Reeder style bass, and cool vocals. Arrowhead's excellent album 'Atomsmasher' was released on Von Grimm Records, and they will be supporting KADAVAR and BLUES PILLS on Saturday Nov 30 (FB event page here)

TRIPPY WICKED & THE COSMIC CHILDREN OF THE KNIGHT (St Albans/Knebworth, UK). Yep I just shouted one of the longest band names going. That or my caps lock was stuck... Trippy Wicked have just released their new album "Underground" this week and it is a low end riff fest of the highest order. Standout track on first listen at HoD Radio was "New Beginnings", a heavy lumbering beast. This album is consistently great throughout and hopefully will see Trippy Wicked getting wider recognition.

BLOOD RED WATER (Venizia, Italy) have just this week released their new album "All the Ills of Mankind". The followup to their 2012 release "Tales of Addiction and Despair", this is even better again and is full of EHG sludge goodness. Recommended listening!

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