Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hand selected riffs: CLAGG unleash a preview track, new album release date 3 October 2013!

Melbourne, Australia's masters of all things gravitationally crushing, CLAGG, have announced today that their fourth studio album 'Gather Your Beasts' will be officially released on October 3. The release coincides with Clagg's tour with Church of Misery on the exceptional DOOMSDAY FESTIVAL which sees shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne from Oct 3 to 5. 

Check out the track "The Great Mortality", taken from the upcoming Clagg album. 

This will be one of the heaviest releases this year - I put Clagg right up there with bands like Crowbar and Bolt Thrower in terms of that rock solid guaranteed gut feel you have where you just know that whatever they put out is going to destroy, and never disappoint. All three Clagg albums to date, Let The Galaxy Burn (2005), Where Dead Gods Sleep (2007) and Lord of the Deep (2009) have been sensational, each one somehow managing to top the last. Here's to knowing that "Gather Your Beasts" is going to be the heavy riff fix required to see the year out.


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