Sunday 8 September 2013

Impending Heaviness: LVMBAR , Yob Catharsis reissue, DIRTCLODFIGHT

Aaron Edge, Mike Scheidt, & Tad Doyle  have announced what they describe as a 'crushing sonic endeavour'  in the form of LUMBAR. They got together at various points between May and July at Witch Ape Studio to put together the debut release, 'The First and Last Days of Unwelcome", which is due out this November on Southern Lord records, for whom Aaron was the Art Director for a number of years. Check out Aarons' blog over at for examples of some of the work he has done with Yob, Poison Idea, Eagle Twin, and High on Fire amongst many others. 

Aaron is also a driving force behind the #FurtherFasterForever community, a source of inspiration and encouragement in the health & fitness realms

Being mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, this is sure to have a monumentally heavy sound. His recent work with the Sleep "Dopesmoker" , High on Fire "Art of Self Defence"and the NAILS album has been superb. There are no clips/previews of LVMBAR available as yet, but keep your eyes & ears on their Facebook page for updates.

Mike, Tad & Aaron have collectively been involved in the following bands: Yob, Middian, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, TAD, H.C Minds, Vhol, Rote Hexe, Roareth, Blood Buddies, Bundle of Hiss, H-Hour, Harkonnen, Iamthehorn, Grievous, Mike & Tad guesting on the upcoming Dirtclodfight album, and many more I'm sure.

LUMBAR on Facebook
Interview with Aaron Edge from earlier this year over at The Obelisk
Audiosiege on Facebook
Blood Buddies on Bandcamp
#FurtherFasterForever on Facebook and their website 

YOB - CATHARSIS getting a reissue!

Tad Doyle has not long wrapped up remastering duties on the classic Yob album "Catharsis", which will get a reissue later this year on Profound Lore Records. The label has been quoted thus: "Listening to the Tad Doyle re-master of Yobs 'Catharsis' for its imminent reissue. Sounding massive as fuck"
News from the Brothers of the Sonic Cloth blog here.
Profound Lore Records website and Facebook


Dirtclodfight are set to release their 5th album on October 1st - it is currently streaming in full over at Bandcamp and it has an epic feel to it. Tad Doyle features on one track on 'war drums', and Mike Scheidt has contributed guitar on two tracks. Check out the new album and Dirtclodfights' back catalog on Bandcamp and give them some love on Facebook

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