Thursday, 12 September 2013

Live 12 Sep: NEW - Agonhymn, Yidhra, Windhand, Halo of Snakes, ASG, Nymronaut, Flight of the Sleipnir, Blood Red Water, Blackwitch Pudding and more!

Hand of Doom Radio - live show tonight featuring new tracks from Agonhymn's monumental Blues Grind album, some new earth flattening Windhand riffs, occult doom from Yidhra, sped up stoner riffage from Halo of Snakes, new epic material from Flight of the Sleipnir, and tracks from Nymronaut, ASG, Golden Void, Pale Horseman, Blood Red Water, Arrowhead, Summonus, Witch Fight, and as always, a 100% chance of YOB!

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